Consulting Services


We are all aware of the fact that the world is going through a rapid change with this new millennium. People who are deeply affected by this change are facing with environmental changes such as high temperatures, water crisis or floods, air pollution, intense weather changes like storms and hurricanes, and last but not least viruses that are unknown by human body.

Business world is the most affected sector by this unfavorable situations, however, it is possible to get through this problems by calculating social, environmental and economic risks with managing them accurately and develop creative business models to ensure their sustainability.

Social Approval Consultancy is an enterprise that creates easy-to-implement, people oriented, difference-making solutions for business world by a team of sustainable development professionals with deep industry knowledge who have proven themselves within their business experiences.

Sustainable  Cities

Today, the amount of population living in cities in Turkey is 76% and this rate is increasing rapidly every year. This fast urbanization causes an ever-increasing need for transportation, energy, water and waste management systems. Nowadays, people are looking for livable cities. These cities shows features such as being clean, having good education and health systems, being safety and having strong trade potential.

Social Approval Consultancy provides creative solutions together with municipalities for cites sustainability, which have great impact on economic and social development, and contributes to the process of setting priorities and transformation for city residents, workers and stakeholders.

Economic, Social and Environmental Impact Evaluation

In the business process, you can develop new management systems by evaluating risks and opportunities by making economic, social and environmental impact analysis. So that, you will have the opportunity to establish a meaningful communication with customers, employees, local communities who affected from business process and stakeholders.

Human Rights in Workplace and Working Conditions

Employees are a valuable asset for their company and the strong bond between employees and employers lies at the hearth of the company’s sustainability. Developing strategies and organizing trainings to improve human rights and working conditions are an important indicator for social approval.

Environment and Efficiency

Efficient use of resources, technologies and practices to avoid environmental pollutions and reduce greenhouse emission increases quality and productivity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Improving companies corporate social responsibility capacities by creating strategies, ensuring the involvement of employees to trainings and making creative CSR solutions is going to be an important indicator for social approval.

Stakeholder Engagement

The power required to successfully manage the environmental and social impacts and risks of business processes is provided through positive and sensitive relationship that you will develop with your stakeholders.

Performance Standarts

We provide consultancy services on performance standards practices such as resettlement planning, local communities, planning of living conditions and protection of local heritage that national and international lenders expect in the investment process.