Consulting Services


It’s no secret that the world is experiencing rapid change with the onset of the new millennium. People deeply affected by these changes face environmental changes such as high temperatures, water crises, floods, air pollution, severe weather changes such as storms and hurricanes, and most notably, unknown viruses.


The business world is one of the most affected sectors by these unfavorable situations. However, navigating these problems is possible by accurately calculating social, environmental, and economic risks and developing creative business models to ensure sustainability.

At Social Approval Initiative, our team of sustainable development professionals, who have proven themselves in their business experiences, create easy-to-implement, human-centered, difference-making solutions for the business world. 

Sustainable  Cities

In Turkiye, 76% of the population lives in cities, and this number is rapidly increasing each year. This fast urbanization necessitates an ever-increasing need for transportation, energy, water, and waste management systems. Nowadays, people are looking for livable cities that are clean, have good education and health systems, are safe, and have strong business potential.

Social Approval Initiative works with municipalities to provide creative solutions for sustainable cities that significantly impact economic and social development. We contribute to the process of setting priorities and transformation for city residents, workers, and stakeholders. 

Social, Environmental, and Economic, Impact Evaluation

In the business process, you can develop a new management system by evaluating risks and opportunities which social, environmental, and economic impact analysis. This allows you to establish meaningful communication with customers, employees, local communities, and stakeholders affected by the business process.

Human Rights in Workplace and Working Conditions

Employees are valuable assets to any company, and the strong bond between employees and employers lies at the heart of a company’s sustainability. Developing strategies and organizing training to improve human rights and working conditions are essential indicators for social approval. 

Environment and Efficiency

Efficient use of resources, technologies, and practices to avoid environmental pollution and reduce greenhouse emissions increases quality and productivity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Improving a company’s corporate social responsibility capacity by creating strategies, ensuring employee involvement in training, and developing creative CSR solutions is an essential indicator of social approval.

Stakeholder Engagement

Positive and sensitive relationships with stakeholders are crucial to managing business processes’ environmental and social impacts and risks.

Performance Standards

We provide consultancy services on performance standards practices, such as resettlement planning, local community planning, living conditions planning, and local heritage protection, that national and international lenders expect in the investment process.